A debate about hydraulic fracturing fracking and its environmental impact

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Hydraulic fracturing

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Hydraulic fracturing

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What is fracking and why is it controversial?

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10 Quotes on the Heated Debate of Fracking's Impact on Global Warming

population had even heard of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Today, it’s one of the most incendiary environmental topics going. In recent years, wells built for this form of natural gas extraction have spread by the thousands through.

For some Americans, it is our energy dreams come true. To others, it is an environmental nightmare. Ever since a new drilling technology, called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, made it possible to extract natural gas from shale deposits about a mile underground, a new gold rush has been under way.

DUNDEE: Fracking experts debate economic, environmental impact. STARKEY--More than residents attended the Starkey town board sponsored debate on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) between Dr.

Terry Engelder of Penn State and Dr.

Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing

Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University Wednesday, Jan. 23 at the Dundee Central High School Auditorium. He said studies on the impact of high volume hydraulic fracturing are still incomplete, and until the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) develops its own science-based, probabilistic estimate of immediate and long-term rate of well failures, there is no rational way of costing the risk.

Hydraulic fracturing has the potential to cause fugitive methane emissions, air pollution, water contamination, and noise abrasiverock.com and air pollution are the biggest risks to human health from hydraulic fracturing.

Research is underway to determine if human health has been affected, and adherence to regulation and safety procedures is. Fracking is good. Fracking Hydraulic Fracturing is a method of natural gas drilling that incorporates vertical and horizontal drilling.

Land rich in shale referred to as shale plays are scouted by geologists before drilling can occur to ensure the best amount of natural gas production.

A debate about hydraulic fracturing fracking and its environmental impact
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