About his person by simon armitage

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Classic Poem

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‘About His Person’

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Simon Armitage

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Updated world stock indexes. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. Overview /**/ Like 'Poem' and 'I am Very Bothered', 'About his Person' is about how we can construct a sense of people from just a few details.

This poem is like a detective story, with the reader constructing the character, his past life, and what has happened to him from a series of clues.

Some of these clues are fairly easy to decipher: We can, for instance, quickly work out that that some. Two of Simon Armitage's poems, 'Poem' and 'About His Person' are written about someone who has, for unspecified reasons, passed away or gone.

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One is in the style of a eulogy and looks back on the life of its persona, presenting contrasting views of it, while the other examines the articles found on a man after his.

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“Sheer Poetry!”

Page/5(12). By Chad Dou — CSUN scientist Mark Armitage found soft tissue in a dinosaur bone, a discovery that throws significant doubt on evolution. Then, two weeks after publishing his findings, he was fired. For our money, this is one of Simon Armitage’s best poems – perhaps even his finest of all.

‘ About His Person ’. Another list poem, this – itemising the possessions found on a dead man, each of which tells a story and suggests things about his life.

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