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Main Navigation. Note: please use tab key to jump to the menu items. Home; Team. The BSc thesis is an individual assignment and serves as a concluding assignment of your Bachelor study. The aim of the BSc Thesis is to demonstrate your mastery of domain of study in an assignment that integrates your acquired knowledge and skills.

The BSc thesis is an essay of words (excl. appendices) based on scientific articles. Thesis. Thesis work at the Production and Supply Chain Management group is an intensive study of a scientific topic. You can work with theory and methods, often. purpose and goals of the thesis 3 method of the thesis 4 structure of the thesis 5 2.

what is supply chain management 6 definition of supply chain 6 definition of management 8 definition of supply chain management 12 supply chain management as a management philosophy 13 2 Preface This thesis is written to complete the bachelor study; International Business Administration at Tilburg University.

Research is done in the field of organization and strategy and the sub area.

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Bachelor thesis scm
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Thesis,Dissertation Topics:Supply Chain Management,Procurement,Inventory,Logistics Management