Facts about the spanish civil war

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But not all of them spoken their fate lying down. The Soviet Union's involvement in the Spanish Civil War had negative consequences for Moscow-Madrid relations for many years afterwards. For the rest of his life, the Spanish leader Francisco.

The Spanish civil war is one of the most famous coups in the world and took place between July of and April of The uprising consisted of military action between the existing republican government and a nationalist faction led by a military General called Francisco Franco.

Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War (18 July – 1 April ) was a war in which the Spanish General Francisco Franco and his troops successfully took control of Spain. A lot of different groups worked together with the Spanish Republic (the government of the time) to. Home» Modern World History» The Spanish Civil War.

The Spanish Civil War. Primo de Rivera. The Causes of the Spanish Civil War. The Falange. The Spanish Civil War. The International Brigade. The Battle for Madrid.

Timeline of the Spanish Civil War. Guernica. The. Filter by Custom Post Type. Home» Modern World History» The Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Civil War.

The war was an outcome of a polarization of Spanish life and politics that had developed over previous decades. On one side, the Nationalist, were most Roman Catholics, important elements of the military, most landowners, and many businessmen.

Facts about the spanish civil war
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