Health psychology and the biopsychosocial model

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Health Psychology

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Biopsychosocial Model Background. George Engel’s article in the prestigious journal Science introduced the biopsychosocial model as a replacement for the traditional biomedical explanatory model in.

"Mental distress takes many forms. Some people experience sudden shifts in emotions linked to changes in life circumstances, and others cope with life-long patterns of stress, depression or anxiety. The recovery model in mental health was the result of a number of coinciding events that include economic issues, social movements and consumer rights.

Oct 15,  · The biopsychosocial model is a method of understanding health and illness through biological, psychological, and social factors. The principle of the biopsychosocial model states that all issues relating to health are products of a complex interplay of these three factors.

Health is traditionally equated to the absence of disease. A lack of a fundamental pathology was thought to define one’s health as good, whereas biologically driven pathogens and conditions would render an individual with poor health and the label “diseased”.

Home» Health and Wellness» Mental Health» Health Psychology The four main components of the biopsychosocial approach to health Lubna Somjee, Ph.D. Clinical and Health Psychologist/Executive Coach and Business Strategy Consultant.

Health psychology and the biopsychosocial model
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