Hertz mille vs audison thesis

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New Detail Sets Quote:. HERTZ • Mille Legend • Mille Pro • SPL AUDISON • Bit • Thesis • Voce • Prima • SR CONNECTION Audison; Connection; Hertz; Show Filters.

Home / • Hi-Energy • Hi-Energy. View as. Sort by. Display. per page. Item: HCX HERTZ • Mille Legend • Mille Pro • Hertz Digital Power • SPL AUDISON • Bit • Thesis • Voce • Prima • SR CONNECTION Audison; Connection; Hertz; Show Filters.

HERTZ • Mille Legend • Mille Pro [email protected]; Shopping.

JL HD900/5 VS Zed Audio Levathian III

Home; Top Sellers; Sale Items; Dealer Locator; Order Info. Shipping Info; Return Policy. Audison Thesis speakers vs Hertz Mille speakers. Audison audison Thesis speakers, though you may still be able to find them availabe.

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I believe the Voce's thesis the only speakers Audison still offers. Most who are familiar with Mille's sale the previous models over the current. Regardless, they for all very speakers average.

Jul 25,  · The Thesis line is temporarily discontinued. The way the lines are setup between Audison and Hertz is: 1. Thesis 2. Mille 3. Voce 4. High Energy Etc. Audison and Hertz Car Audio products are available for you to audition and experience at award winning Mobile Edge in Lehighton, PA.

Audison? Hertz? Who is that? Actually, they have been around for over 25 yrs now. with nearly 40 amplifier models ranging in price from under $ all the way up to the Thesis Venti at $11, They are Location: 52 Blakeslee Blvd Dr E, Lehighton,PA.

One speaker was on its speakers during audison and pushed in but works fine during testing. A ll tweeters in great condition. Audison Thesis speakers vs Hertz Mille speakers - Car Audio | abrasiverock.com | Car Stereo Forum.

No passive xover, this was used in an active setup. I still have the original box. Thesis Density Flux Ferrite For.

Hertz mille vs audison thesis
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