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University of Malaya Theses and Dissertations

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umalayathesis is a LaTeX class for typesetting a Universiti Malaya (UM) postgraduate research thesis based on the Guidelines. (Updated 28 October, with many options to cater for some conflicting requirements by certain faculties.

University of Malaya Theses and Dissertations

Master The University of Malaya academic staff is responsible for teaching and research. More than 2, academic staff teaches approximately courses each year. CURRICULUM VITAE 1 P R O F. I R. D R. A B D U L W A H A B M O H A M M A D Professor, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering.

A Comparative Study on the Factors Affecting the Writing Performance among Bachelor Students Yah Awg Nik1, Azizah Hamzah2 and Hasif Rafidee3 1Universiti MalaysiaKelantan, 2University of Malaya and 3University of Bradford, U.K.

Email: [email protected] ABSTRACT. Thesis (Ph.D) -- Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Malaya, Addition and subtraction of fractions: analysis of errors of a sample of Standard Six pupils / by Yap Yee Khiong Dissertation ( -- Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Malaya, College of Science, Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaya) A sizable institution (35, students) where all branches of science and engineering can be found, additionally, it offers programmes in social sciences and management.

Master thesis universiti malaya
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