Related literature about family planning

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Family planning

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The Integration of Family Planning with Other Health Services: A Literature Review

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Abstract. A study of Philippine family planning clinics revealed that certain clinic and physician characteristics were significantly and positively associated with clinic effectiveness, defined in terms of the mean number of monthly acceptors of family planning and the efficacy of the methods selected.

Family Planning, New Research - Literature Review. Family planning and Zika virus: need for renewed and cohesive efforts to ensure availability of intrauterine contraception in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Integration of Family Planning with Other Health Services: A Literature Review

An exploration of related factors among sexually active female university students. A global research agenda for family planning: results of an exercise for setting research priorities Moazzam Ali a, Armando Seuc a, Asma Rahimi b, Mario Festin a & Marleen Temmerman a.

a. Department of Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organization, avenue Appia 20, Geneva 27, Switzerland. v Executive summary This is a report on the literature review on Family Planning in Uganda commissioned by Health Communication Partnership (HCP).

As a monthly classified review of literature, this annotated bibliography offers a selection of books and articles recently received by the Katharine Dexter McCormick Library relative to family planning in the United States.

The integration of family planning with other health services may be one such approach. The Integration of Family Planning with Other Health Services: A Literature Review.

and reported a family planning–related behavioral or reproductive health outcome.

Related literature about family planning
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