Six degrees of separation pauls thesis monologue

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Six Degrees of Separation from the play "Six Degrees of Separation" written by John Guare Paul, a black man in his early twenties, has conned his way into the posh New York apartment of an art dealer and his wife, Louisa and Flan. Oct 26,  · For the acting class I took (for Alice/for myself) we were asked to find a minute monologue.

Paul told us to identify something that resonated with us personally. This is what I chose. It's from the play, "Six Degrees of Separation:" "I read somewhere the everybody on this plant is separated by only six.

Find the Monologue Casting Directors Will Notice Actors often ask how to choose the best monologue. The answer is simple: the best monologue is the one that gets you the job. "Six Degrees of Separation, was by far the most stimulating play I have seen there.

Charles Waxberg had a stroke of genius because he chose to stage this play in the round; the actual “action” when the characters interacted with each other was done in a small inner circle in the middle of a larger circle. Six Degrees of Separation stunningly demonstrates the way each person’s individual vision of the world, limited by our desire to control how we ourselves are seen, leaves us prey to the manipulations and nuance of human design at play all around us.

The way the six degrees of separation works out is that Paul first picks up a well-educated, closet-gay white guy named Trent, who quickly becomes infatuated with him.

In order to keep him around, Trent tells Paul stories, like Scheherazade trying to seduce the sultan.

Six degrees of separation pauls thesis monologue
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