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Anyways the dropout rate indicates that the status of the service delivered during EPI hatch in the sub-district differ from one sub-district to another. Jun 14,  · Expanded program on Immunization (EPI) including BCG,and DPT vaccines in Nepal started in Nepal in in three districts.

However, EPI including BCG, DPT, oral polio vaccine, and Measles was expanded to all 75 districts by only. LATIFAT IBISOMI JUNE, ii | P a g e Declaration I, Adebiyi Funmilayo declare that the information presented in this work is a result of true study and it is an original work. Permission was taken and acknowledgement made in cases EPI Expanded Program on Immunization OPV Oral Polio Vaccine OR Odds Ratio WHO World Health Organization.

ix. initiative goals for Routine Immunization (RI) is 80% coverage (Immunization). Ethiopia, currently has an aggregated coverage rate of %, well below the international.

Thesis submitted as a part of the Master of Philosophy and Dr. Rana Muhammad Safdar (National Programme Manager) at the Expanded Programme on Immunization, Ministry of NHSR&C, Government of Pakistan, for taking workers' views and experiences relevant to function of the immunization program and polio immunization.

Pakistan accounted for. Thesis Advisor: Harriet Komisar, Ph.D. ABSTRACT 1 The Expanded Program of Immunization was established in by the World Health Assembly with a goal that all children would be able to receive life-saving vaccines.

Targeted diseases include: diphtheria, whooping cough. Jun 22,  · Background.

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Compared with the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) vaccines, the coverage rate of the non-EPI vaccines is still low. The aim of this study is to explore the rural-urban disparity in category II vaccine and its determinants among children under 5 years old in China.

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