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Objectives. The main objective is the production of a fully-fledged thesis on a particular topic. This entails a number of research and writing tasks and also includes the oral defence of the thesis after it is finalized. Dr. Frincu is an associate professor (conferentiar - in Romanian) with the Department of Computer Science at UVT working on cutting edge topics related to clouds, smart grids, and Big Data.

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Since October he is also the vice dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Master Thesis Innovation Sciences – Carlijn Huijsmans – 3 ABSTRACT Driven by a digitization of society, the academic publishing industry has undergone major.

A Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science West University of Timisoara, Romania Jury: Reviewers: Costin Badic a - University of Craiova, Romania Data consistency issues when locking resource related molecules for synchro.

thesis encompasses the results () already defended in Germany, to which the results obtained in Romania, after my repatriation inwere added. The present thesis is structured in four main parts. About · How to search An interesting topic of research of this relatively new field is the quantum battery, which in this thesis consists of an array of N identical electron spin qubits.

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