Thesis header image subpanel

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Thesis Tutorial — Clickable Thesis Header Image Without Affecting SEO

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Change Tagline Thesis

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Thesis Tutorial — Clickable Thesis Header Image Without Affecting SEO

I want to get there. October 16, bullying thesis for a research paper. The header image will be uploaded, and you’ll see it displayed right there on the Header Image subpanel: Header image appearing after successful upload Thesis will also add the necessary CSS to its file to render the header image on your site, so you’ll be able to view it there as well.

Thesis makes this easy to do from its Header Image subpanel, and it even calculates the optimal header width for you: Thesis Header Image Subpanel Note that if the header image you wish to use is larger than the optimal width indicated by Thesis, the image size will be reduced to fit.

Replace Default Header Function (Logo and Tagline)This code (placed in will remove the default Thesis header function and replace it with an exact replica of the original: function cuChange the Heading and Tagline Styling in the Theme We discuss how to change the heading, tagline and body font styles and sizes in In this session we show how to add a background image to the header area of the Agility Skin for Thesis 2 using the header area package.

We talk about background image positioning and when to specify a height for the header area based on the background image and header area contents. In this session we discuss why a header image looks fuzzy and how to resolve it by resizing the image to it’s correct dimension by using Photoshop, or other image editing software.

We also show how to make the header image clickable by going to Thesis Design Options and under Display Option, checking “Show site name in header”.

Thesis header image subpanel
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Display Tagline Below Header Image