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Research Postgraduate

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Policy on Research Integrity

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Abstract of thesis entitled Exploiting Wireless Link Adaptation and Region-of-Interest Processing to Improve Real-Time Scalable Video Transmission.

Guidelines on Thesis Submission

Y.K. Cheung Professor Y.K. Cheung (pictured, right) was awarded the Hall of Fame by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. The award is dedicated to honour outstanding members who have made exemplary contributions and outstanding achievements to the Institution, the engineering profession and the community as a whole.

Application Code 報名編號: CC 88 - Programme Aims & Features. The Associate of Arts in Legal Studies programme is designed to provide a balanced mix of professional legal education and broadbased education to support all-round personal development, which is a good stepping stone for those who would like to further their studies in law or other bachelor’s degree programmes.

II. Connection Procedures on Accessing HKU Portal without 2FA Protection outside Campus Network Go to HKU Portal ( your HKU Portal UID and click LOG IN.; Click Continue WITHOUT 2FA Protection.

You will enter into HKU Portal in protected mode (indicated by a banner as highlighted in orange below). The Master of Architecture ( is a professional degree in architecture, qualifying the graduate to move through the various stages of professional accreditation (internship, exams) that result in.

The thesis may be submitted only after confirmation of candidature and completion of the minimum study period as set out in LL74, where applicable. 3. A candidate may however, after confirmation of candidature, apply for an extension beyond the specified period of study.

Thesis site
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