Uvm honors college thesis requirements

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Requirements for Completion of Honors College Program

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Honors College Thesis Mini Grants

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First-Year Admission

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Attend one of the upcoming Honors College receptions for students who have been invited to the Honors College on any of the Admitted Student Visit Days. Send an email with any specific questions to [email protected]; Call the Honors College at Like us on Facebook.

The Honors College Thesis Mini Grant is open to all Honors College students at UVM. All students receiving funding must have a designated UVM faculty mentor. In addition, the thesis proposal must have received final approval by the candidate’s home School or College.

During this time you will work out a rough outline for your thesis, and, with the help of the Reference Librarian (librarian contact for Honors College students is Patricia Mardeusz,[email protected]) get a good, initial bibliography of works on your subject for consultation during the summer.

The Honors College provides special advising for students throughout UVM, not just the Honors College, in two areas. Honors College Admission Information for the UVM Class of Learn more about Honors College first-year invitations, undergraduate research, fellowships, and other opportunities that await you at UVM.

UVM Honors College Senior Theses Students who fulfill all the requirements of the Honors College, including successfully completing a senior thesis or project, earn the special distinction of graduating as an Honors College Scholar.

Uvm honors college thesis requirements
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